Spring Cleanse, The WOOD Element

Natural Vitality Seasonal Cleanse
The Spring Cleanse Class, April 27, 2016 6-9 p.m.

The Spring Cleanse is one of the most important cleanses for the body. The Season of Spring in Chinese 5 Element Medicine is the element of WOOD, ruling the liver and gallbladder systems. The Liver is typically the focus of most modern cleanses. WOOD is the force that makes the crocuses “push” up through the frozen ground in spring. “Spring Cleaning” is what the Liver wants to do in Spring !

The main function of the liver in Chinese Medicine is to ensure the smooth flow of Qi to move blood throughout the channels. We live in a society where our diet, work patterns, and exposure to toxins take a toll on our livers. If the liver becomes stuck or stagnates, as it often does, many issues can arise, especially the build up of toxins.

If your winter diet has been high in meat, carbs, oils, dairy, alcohol and warming spices then the liver can be in a state of excess. Excess contributes to heat and constriction in the liver. If you tend to skip meals or “eat on the run” this strains the digestive system and contributes to stress, which overburdens the liver.

The Natural Vitality Spring Cleanse, is all about supporting the liver to release old toxins to achieve healthy and efficient liver function. Anyone would benefit from doing a Spring Cleanse and especially those who have liver issues or struggle with digestive disorders, PMS, Menopausal symptoms, sleep disorders, and skin issues. Emotionally we can feel frustrated, angry or impatient when our liver qi is jammed up and not flowing.



The emotion of anger or frustration is heightened when the wood element is working too hard, and so it is in an excess state trying to detox and move the blood. The positive emotion associated with the Wood Element is unbound freedom to move forward in life and thrive. Cleansing supports the Wood Element to let go of old “baggage” from the past and feel inspired to manifest new and creative ideas.

The Hun (Ethereal soul) is housed by the liver. This is the mental-spiritual aspect of the liver. It influences ones capacity for making plans and finding direction in life. When lack of direction or mental confusion is present it is said the Ethereal soul is not grounded.

Those with weak liver energies should sit down and eat their meals slowly. Regular exercise, for twenty to thirty minutes every day is important for liver function. Exercises such as swimming, yoga, tai chi, running and mountain biking will be of great benefit for a healthier liver.

The Natural Vitality Spring Cleanse is a nourishing and healing cleanse that includes food and herbs that cleanse and support health liver function. Join our class and learn how to support your health and vitality with herbal teas, smoothies, soups and juices. Learn to incorporate liver herbs and liver flushes to detox the liver and gallbladder. Balancing the Wood Element through cleansing and detoxifying will support you to have more energy, a better functioning body and a clear mind. It’s time for some internal “Spring Cleaning”!

Natural Vitality Spring Cleanse

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