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Natural Vitality with Lenore Anderson

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Lenore Anderson offers you the support of her lifelong wisdom and practice of Natural Healing Therapies. Her skillful guidance and compassionate teaching will support you on an empowering healing journey.

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Create Yourself!

The spirit and body are unified and all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances are intertwined. By listening and observing on a deeper level you can change conditions of degeneration and learn to nourish yourself with regeneration. As you achieve greater balance internally there will be a strong flow of life force energy (Chi), and your spirit-body will be able to heal itself.

Meet Lenore and hear more about her inspiring work by viewing her Natural Vitality Video.


From The Blog

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I remember the first time I grew alfalfa sprouts in a glass jar back when I was 18 years old. I learned how to do it in a book, Survival in the 21st Century. Well here we are now and I can see why they used “Survival” in the title. We live in a time when our food supply is greatly threatened by the impacts of poor agricultural practices, toxic herbicides and pesticides, depleted soil and the invasion of GMO seeds.

Today you can be a Local Hero, by growing your own sprouts in a sunny window. There are many seed choices and equipment options for sprouting. The techniques range from simple jar sprouting, to soil on trays, to advanced irrigation systems. Timing is everything in sprouting and learning how to create a rotation of ripe sprouts, so you can eat them every day, is all part of The Art of Sprouting.

You can learn all about The Art of Sprouting in my workshop on March 30, noon-3:00.  (read more…)

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