Meridian Massage

Have you ever heard of Meridian Massage? I was fortunate to receive a scholarship this summer to attend a very powerful 12 day training in Meridian Massage through The Meridian Massage Institute in Ithaca, NY. My teacher, Cindy Black is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a teacher and practioner of Massage Therapy. I found her wisdom and teaching to be inspiring and it has empowered me to become a more effective Massage Therapist.

Since my training in Meridian Massage I know how to integrate my acupressure practice of specific point holding with hands on healing of massage therapy. I am excited to share this blend of healing therapies with you. I am offering all of my new Acupressure clients a “Buy one 75 minute session for $80 and get your follow up session for half price, only $40.

If you are experiencing pain, inflammation, exhaustion, chronic health issues, emotional disharmony or an any internal imbalance or dis-ease I invite you to experience the effectiveness of Acupressure and Meridian Massage in supporting you to become well.

Meridian Massage utilizes the 12 meridians or channels of the body with massage techniques and specific acu-point holding. The session involves moving Chi stagnation where it is indicated and tonifying points where there is deficiency or a lack of Chi flow. Physical and emotional/spiritual conditions are treated in order to establish a balance of the Yin and Yang aspects according to Chinese Medicine.

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Be well in health and vitality,
Lenore Anderson

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