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Summer Cleanse & Detox

Summer is the season of Fire in Chinese Medicine. The Fire Element is associated with the heart and small intestine. Summer is the season of growth and expansion. The body thrives on energizing foods. It is the easiest time of year to cleanse & detox. This is a nourishing cleanse that gives you energy while […]

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The Autumn Cleanse, Metal Element

Click here for Autumn Cleanse Classes The Season of Autumn in Chinese 5 Element Medicine is the element of Metal, ruling the lungs and the large intestine. The Metal Element is similar to the Air element found in some western paradigms. Metal is an inward movement, a contracting energy that is feminine and strong. The […]

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My Recipe for Making a Green Vitality Smoothie

Begin your day with a Green Vitality Smoothie CHECK CALENDAR FOR UPCOMING CLEANSE & DETOX WORKSHOPS   A great way to alkalize and energize your day! Some people think they don’t have time to make a smoothie before heading out the door in the morning. Then they actually take more time to stop and get […]

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