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Cleanse & Detox Workshop

Learn cleansing and detox practices for an alkalizing and energizing 5, 10 or 15 day cleanse. Private consultations also available.

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The Healing Power of CLAY

Many people know that Clay can be used externally to heal the skin, especially for burns and to draw out poisonous bites and stings. But not many people know that Clay is a powerful cure internally for all types of health issues. Clay has the ability to absorb and eliminate loads of toxins, heavy metals, […]

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Creating an Alkaline Body

Our internal body fluids are home to our blood cells, and this internal ecosystem must be in an alkaline state, with a pH of around 7.4 to create optimal health and vitality. When our blood and blood plasma is alkaline, then our red blood cells can thrive, and our white blood cells can get a […]

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