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Wellness in many indigenous cultures is not only based on the absence of physical illness but, more importantly is the presence of spiritual vitality. Shamanic healing is the oldest form of energy medicine because it acknowledges how a person’s emotional and spiritual well-being impacts their whole-being, body, mind, and spirit.

Shamanic Journeywork is a profound and empowering therapy. Your Spirit-Body Healing session is an opportunity to connect deeply with your inner voice, intuitive wisdom and spiritual guidance to transform conditions of trauma, confusion, dis-ease and disharmony.

Empowerment Journey

The loss of personal power can be rooted in childhood and is a constant challenge throughout one’s life of maintaining belief in yourself and honoring your gifts that bring you happiness and sharing them in the world.

Healing from past relationships, dissatisfaction in your jobs and work, living in an unhappy and/or an unhealthy environment will bring you confidence and clear the way for more success by believing in your true authentic self.

Health & Healing Journey

Dis-ease and disharmonies wear us down over time and we lose sight of what the real problem or cause is and how we got there. Health and behavioral habits (like addiction) are always connected to the well being of the Spirit.

Healing is from the roots up which can mean a big commitment to a lifestyle change. The most effective way to heal is through your connection to the wisdom of your heart and the desire of your spirit.

Spirit-Body Journey

Soul searching brings clarity and connection. Reclaiming your Spirit is the most empowering work you can do in your lifetime. Living day to day in the modern world can take you far away from your connection to your own Soul – Spirit. People can become fragmented, disoriented and disconnected.

Awaken and heal into wholeness with your Soul – Spirit leading the way.  By activating your relationship to your Soul Spirit you can maintain consciousness and live in peace and with fulfillment in your life.

Inner Quest

Taking time away from distractions and interruptions is important when we live in a world of constant doing and chaotic thinking. Inner Quest is a 3-4 day retreat in a beautiful natural outdoor setting. We begin and end our journey as a group supporting each other to let go and grow. Your solo time is where you can deepen and pray according to your beliefs and intentions for healing and consciousness.

Inner Quest is a powerful experience, one that you will remember for your life time. You will transform your health, your thinking, and your way of being in the world. See our calendar of events for dates.


img_shamanicIn 1996 I completed my spiritual initiation and 3-year training in The Journey to Wholeness process of Spiritual Shamanic Journeywork in Boulder Colorado.  My training was rooted in the Lakota Native American traditions and since that time has evolved into my own blend of spiritual and energetic healing that I call Spirit-Body Journeywork. Acupressure, plant essence healing, Taoism and Native American ceremony that honors the Tao of nature as source.

Lenore will create a safe and sacred space for you to deepen your consciousness and your connection to your own spirituality. She will support your journey as a Midwife/Guide, assisting you to deepen, release, receive healing and create transformation and manifestation in your life.

Shamanic sounding tools, herbs, essential oils and acupressure may be applied to support your process. You will release the energies, patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your life purpose. We will create space for renewed energy and vitality empowering you to be true to SELF and embrace and express your gifts as a unique and sacred being in the world.

  • 1st Session 1 hr. $70. Setting your goals for your HEALING INTENTION.
  • 2nd Session 90 minutes. Your Spirit-Body HEALING JOURNEY is sliding scale, $110-$160 ($130 is the average cost for most clients).
  • Please call (413-695-0942) to discuss your personal needs and intentions for your healing session.
  • Group Journeys with a group intention or theme can be arranged for groups of 6 or more (the coordinator/host will attend for free).

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