Lenore of Natural Vitality takes pride in staying current with holistic health and therapeutic industry best practices. Clients often ask questions like “what books do you recommend?” “I want to do a cleanse, but do I have to do 10 days?!” “where can I get a great juicer?” Here you’ll find our recommendations.


Looking for a Great Book? Visit Natural Vitality's Store

Looking for a Great Book? Visit Natural Vitality’s Store


For a list of recommended books, click here to visit our Amazon Page for a variety of books on

  • Alkalizing Detox,
  • Bodywork and
  • Raw Food Diet.

These books are in Lenore’s library…some of the authors are her mentors.



The Maine Seaweed Company. Larch Hanson shares about his homestead and sells hand harvested seaweeds including kelp, alaria, dulse, nori and more.
Affordable alkalizing supplements. pH Plasma drops and Green Shield Powder.
Tony Zavasta’s inspirational articles, famous books and products on natural health and beauty.
Donna Gates educational information on the importance of maintaining healthy internal flora and the “good” bacteria and products for making your own fermented foods.
Blenders, juicers, sprouters and dehydrators.
An informative and interactive site for sharing wonderful Raw Food recipes and ideas.
The best resource for montmorillinite clay. Educational and offering products in bulk. They also recommend MMS and Zeolite for detoxing.
A full selection of water ionizers to create highly charged alkaline water at very reasonable prices. Give my name as your referral contact person, Lenore Anderson. I highly recommend the Ion-Quench 8080 as a high quality ionizing machine for a fair price under $1,500.
Order bulk wild rice, grains, nuts and seeds.
Christopher Vasey, ND, author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet. Many alkalizing supplements and cleansing products. They also have ph-drops for alkalizing your water.
Dr. Robert O. Young’s website. Author of The pH Miracle and The pH Miracle for Diabetes and The pH Miracle for Weight loss. Dr. Young is a Microbiologist who has done extensive research on human blood and the health effects of the over-acidification of the body. He is a mentor to me in deepening my understanding of the root causes of dis-ease and learning about the alkalizing healing process. He also sells an affordable water ionizer for under $1000.
Raw food, equipment and educational information.
Our local Sproutman, Steve Meyerowitz who is in the Berkshires selling sprouting seeds, growing kits and educational information.
Books, raw foods, equipment, supplements, kelp noodles, nut milk bags and more. They have The Easy Green Sprouter Machine, which is the best system for growing a variety of sprouts easily and with great results.
In depth educational information about coconut growing, harvesting and health benefits. They have every coconut product from oil, cream, flour, to lotions, soap, and more.
Sprouting seeds and equipment.

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