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Natural Vitality provides natural healing therapies that nourish, strengthen and heal the body by addressing health issues according to root causes and imbalances that lead to dis-ease. When you have a greater flow of energy (Chi) the body can regenerate on many levels and heal itself. Balance is the key to life long health and vitality.

Holistic Health Consultations

As your Holistic Health Practitioner, Lenore is committed to providing safe, supportive and empowering Holistic Health Consultations.

We work together to support your process of healing your health conditions and creating an effective holistic health and healing plan according to your needs and goals. 


Your initial 90 minute consultation includes:

  • Review of your health and medical history.
  • Review of your diet and nutrition.
  • 5 Element Chinese Constitutional assessment.
  • pH testing for acid-alkaline balance.
  • Muscle testing and dowsing for food sensitivities and supplements.
  • Abdominal assessment, as needed.
  • Herbal allies and remedies.
  • Resources for additional testing if needed.
  • Create your personal Health & Healing Plan.


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Special Workshops Offered:

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Herbal Medicine

Herbs have been used to supplement the body with nutrition and for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.  Herbal supplements are important today because most of our health issues in the 21st century are related to degeneration.  Degeneration in the body is caused by external exposures and chronic internal stresses and imbalances that eventually lead to acute disharmonies and dis-ease.  

Natural Vitality provides information and education about the traditional uses of herbs and the effects they have on the body for health and vitality.  Herbal remedies can be added to food, blended into tea formulas and as liquid herbal extracts. Choosing to use an herbal supplement is up to you based on your own understanding of the information available regarding herbal effects on the body.


Natural Vitality Cleanse & Detox Program

 Cleansing allows the body to rest from over processing and storing toxins so that we can recover our life force energy (Chi). Detoxification supports our bodies to clear out lactic acids, bacteria, yeast overgrowth, candida, parasites, heavy metals, accumulated acids and micotoxins.

Many people suffer with pain, inflammation, fatigue, foggy thinking, allergies, sinus congestion, digestive challenges, blood sugar imbalances, nervous tension, headaches, gas, bloating, constipation, food cravings, weight gain, yeast infections, skin issues, and more. Cleansing is the most effective first step toward restoring balance.

Lenore coaches and supports you through your cleanse and detox experience so that you may reach your goals. The experience of cleansing will bring you greater energy and mental clarity. You will learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes, improve your nutrition and create lifelong health and vitality. 

The Seasonal Cleanse & Detox Program is designed to meet your personal needs and goals.

Choose a 5-day, 10-day or 15-day Cleanse.

• Activate your metabolism and lose weight naturally.
• Improve digestion & strengthen your immune system.
• Gain mental clarity and your ability to focus.
• Learn safe and effective cleansing practices.
• Learn to balance your body’s internal ecosystem.
• Herbs for detoxification of the liver, blood and kidneys.
• Recipes: Juices, Smoothies, Soups, Teas and Salads.
• Alkalize & Energize your body, mind & spirit!

Schedule a Private Cleansing Consultation or visit our Events page for classes.


Live Food Nutrition

From life we get life!

Learn how to incorporate more of a live foods diet into your daily life and see how much more energy you have!  You won’t just be munching on raw carrots and cucumbers! You’ll be whipping up nourishing smoothies and soups, making delicious nut and seed spreads and decadent deserts quickly and easily.

In our classes, it is not our goal to turn you into a “Raw Foodist.” Instead, our goal is to support you in learning how to prepare delicious alkalizing, enzyme rich, and nutrient dense live foods. Lenore teaches you how to organize your kitchen and set up for easy assembly and preparation. 

Live Food Classes:

  • Discover the pH of food and the benefits of alkalizing.
  • Learn how to ferment vegetables, Kimchi & Kefir.
  • Understand food combining for healthy digestion.
  • Learn how to use tools for easy blending and food preparation.
  • Learn how to grow sprouts and dehydrate food for storage.

For a schedule of Live Food Classes, please visit our Events page or call 413-695-0942.