Acupressure, Shiatsu, & Meridian Massage


Acupressure, Meridian Massage

Acupressure (point holding) along the 12 meridians in Chinese Medicine is a powerful and effective bodywork therapy for releasing pain and inflammation generated from stress, chronic tension patterns and injury.

Massaging along the meridians can feel deep and soothing and it can be sensitive where there are blocks in specific points.

By stimulating acupressure points along the meridian pathways, we can clear blockages and create a free flow of vital energy (Chi). Five Element Acupressure supports the healing of the bodies internal organ systems as well as external sore spots.

Holding acupressure points for a couple of minutes is what activates them (no needles). Where there is deficiency, I will provide tonifying acupressure. Where there is excessive stress, I will support an acupressure release.

I work with my clients needs and goals. When it feels appropriate and effective I offer additional Chinese Medicine Therapies to support their healing process including:

Moxibustion: The burning of mugwort herb to heat and clear a specific acupressure point.

Gua Sha Treatment: Gentle scrapping of the fascia layer to move out toxins like lactic acid that bind to the tissue and cause surface pain where there is deeper underlying pain.

Cupping Therapy: Cups are applied with suction over areas of chronic tension and pain.


Abdominal Massage – Chi Nei Tsang: The abdominal area is a vulnerable area that holds physical tension as well as emotional tension. Many people a unaware of how contractions here are directly related to issues with the digestive and GI tract, liver function and reproductive system.



Your relaxing session will calm your mind, improve your circulation, relieve pain and inflammation, strengthen your immune system and clear the energetic pathways (meridians) to support overall health and vitality.


I offer Individual Sessions and Prenatal Massage Sessions by appointment.

60 minute, $80.  75 minute, $95.  90 minute $110.

For regular therapy I offer a Buy 5 Sessions and get one FREE.

I work with children under age 15 with parental or guardian supervision. (half price).

I work with teens age 16 and older by appointment on a sliding scale.


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