The Winter Cleanse

Natural Vitality Seasonal Cleanse
The Winter Cleanse Class, January 17, January 31, 2017. 6-9:00 p.m.

water element natural vitality winter cleanseThe Season of Winter in Chinese 5 Element Medicine is the element of WATER, ruling the kidneys and bladder systems. The bladder is the storehouse of all internal fluids in the body known as ‘Jing’, which means life-blood in Chinese Medicine. The kidney system in Chinese medicine generates Qi in the body (life force). How free and pure is the river running through your body?

The Water Element supports our internal fluids, lubricates the joints and supports bone marrow. Bone marrow is considered to be a transformation of kidney ‘Jing’ that has the specific task of nourishing the bones. Water maintains softness and pliancy but when the water element is deficient things dry up and can’t function properly, generating symptoms like stiff joints, brittle bones, internal infections and exhaustion and fatigue.

The Natural Vitality Winter Cleanse is all about recharging your batteries by supporting the kidneys to filter out toxins while strengthening the adrenals. Anyone would benefit from doing a Winter Cleanse and especially those who struggle with low energy, depression, learning challenges, urinary infections, thyroid imbalances, kidney dis-eases, internal toxins and irritated skin conditions.

The emotion of fear/anxiety is heightened when the water element is working too hard trying to purify the internal fluids. The positive emotion associated with the Water Element is readiness and moving forward. Balancing and healing the Water Element will support you to let go of old “baggage” from the past and feel inspired to manifest new and creative ideas.

The Natural Vitality Winter Cleanse is a nourishing and healing cleanse that includes food and herbs that cleanse and regenerate the kidneys while supporting adrenal function. Join our class and receive your booklet on the winter Cleanse Daily routines, Effective Cleansing Practices and how to prepare herbal teas, smoothies, soups and juices for the winter season. Balancing the Water Element through cleansing and tonifying will support you to have more energy, a better functioning body and a clear mind. The Winter Cleanse prepares us to be strong for when Spring finally arrives.

Natural Vitality Winter Cleanse

Register for The Natural Vitality Winter Cleanse Class,
January 17, January 31, 2017. 6-9 p.m.

or schedule a Private Cleanse & Health Consultation with Lenore.

Contact Lenore to discuss your goals for doing a cleanse and to determine how long of a cleanse is best for you at this time (you may want to do a 5-, 10-, or 14-day cleanse).

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