The Autumn Cleanse, Metal Element

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The Season of Autumn in Chinese 5 Element Medicine is the element of Metal, ruling the lungs and the large intestine. The Metal Element is similar to the Air element found in some western paradigms. Metal is an inward movement, a contracting energy that is feminine and strong. The autumn air is cooling and as the leaves let go they are free to fall where they may. It is the time of harvesting warm, yang, nourishing foods.

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The Autumn Cleanse is all about preparation for winter. Clearing and strengthening the lungs and the colon will make the immune system strong. The Autumn Cleanse has health benefits for everyone especially those who struggle with respiratory and lower GI issues including allergies, asthma, sinusitis, colitis, irritable bowel, leaky gut, skin conditions and other related imbalances. 

Balancing and healing the Metal Element will support you to let go of old “baggage” from the past and feel inspired with new ideas for manifesting a clear and radiant spirit. The negative emotion associated with the Metal Element is grief, while the positive emotion is courage.

The Natural Vitality Lung and Colon Cleanse is a nourishing and healing cleanse that includes food and herbs from the harvest season. Herbal root teas, root vegetables and warming spices for cleansing the colon and the upper respiratory system will be used. Balancing the Metal Element through cleansing and tonifying will support you to have a clean body and a clear mind.

The Lung and Colon together are related to immunity, which depends upon the strength of the protective boundary (the tissue/lining) these permeable organs. Pathogens easily enter through the respiratory and digestive systems and the Lung and Colon are responsible for maintaining the integrity of these systems to protect the body from toxic invaders. According to Chinese medicine, the body’s defensive energy is directly dependent on the strength of the Lung and Colon.

The Metal Element supports the breath in its YIN aspect, which rules the LUNGS.  Human life and energy is mostly derived from air, the Lung is primarily responsible for physical vitality and is said to govern Qi in the body. The most vital material that the Lung takes in is oxygen but along with that comes a host of other toxins and airborne materials. We heal the lungs by tonification using lung herbs that are clearing and restorative for healing damaged tissue.

When our lungs are clear and strong we improve our skin. The skin is like an outer lung and the pores are seen as the ‘doors of Qi’. The skin breathes and exchanges substances with the outer environment. Beneath the skin the protective energy known as Wei Qi, defending the body against invasion from pathogenic forces.

The YANG aspect of Metal rules the LARGE INTESTINE, which has the ability to sort the good from the bad and create order. The Colon, is concerned with release and elimination.

Did you know that 60-70% of our immune system is located in the gut? The gut includes the small and large intestine and they directly impact the function of the other organ systems throughout the body. When we do a Colon Cleanse we are targeting the wall of the large intestine. Using herbal powders and teas we can cleanse the build-up, remove the toxins, and eliminate the invaders. Then we must nourish and rebuild healthy tissue that strengthens the lining/boundary to support healthy colon function and integrity.

Many Metal imbalanced-patients suffer from the inability to let go of nagging thoughts and feelings that collect debris and become burdensome. They can become physically constipated and mentally negative, tending to see the worst in themselves and others. This is one example of how the Metal element needs constitutional support and balancing.

Natural Vitality Lung & Colon Cleanse

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