The Healing Power of CLAY

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Many people know that Clay can be used externally to heal the skin, especially for burns and to draw out poisonous bites and stings. But not many people know that Clay is a powerful cure internally for all types of health issues. Clay has the ability to absorb and eliminate loads of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and microbes. It is a great neutralizer of acidic conditions in the body. Clay not only offers us healing, it provides essential trace minerals that strengthen the body and keep it in balance.

Most people’s diets are insufficient in minerals and clay is an excellent supplement supplying minerals to nourish the cells and build bone strength. I like putting a teaspoon of clay into my breakfast smoothie.

The healing powder of clay has been known for thousands of years. Cultures all around the world have utilized clay for healing including the ancient Egyptians, Aztec & Incan societies and by the Native North and South Americans. Nomadic people carried a ball of clay with them in their packs, which they would dissolve in water and ingest it with their meals to heal stomach ailments such as dysentery and bacterial food infections. Wherever clay was found as a natural resource it was used as a remedy externally and internally.

“The Greek Dioscorides, the Arab Avicena, the Roman Pliny the Elder, and the Greek Galen all told of the wonders of clay. Several German naturopaths, including Kneipp, Kuhn, Just, and Felke used clay in their treatments. In the First World War, both Russian and French soldiers were issued clay as part of their rations. Even Mahatma Gandhi advised the use of clay”. (

Today most people think of clay as a treatment during a spa facial or body wrap. But its healing power goes way beyond skin deep. Clay is an abundant healing resource and quite frankly, we should eat “dirt”. But clay is not “dirt”. Edible grades of clay are pure and harvested from deep within the Earth.

Healing bentonite clays contain various minerals depending on their geological formation, mineral composition and physical characteristics. They are derived from the montmorillonite family and formed from volcanic ash that has fallen into prehistoric bodies of water. As these bodies of water evaporated they left behind a bed of mineral rich clay. These clays contain as many as fifty natural trace minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silica.

“Bentonite and Montmorillonite clays often interchange names and have similar properties yet vary from deposit to deposit. They are known as “Smectites”.  Most Smectite clays have Montmorillonite properties. The Montmorillonite name was actually given to a Smectite clay that was found in the Montmorillon area of France.  Clays are often named after their location.  Bentonite was originally named for a Smectite clay found near Fort Benton Wyoming.  Most Smectites are now referred to as Bentonites or Montmorillonites as their common names.”

The name Bentonite has a poor history of being associated with any kind of clay regardless of its quality. Now we have knowledge about the sources of pure bentonite clay for safe edible consumption. We want to use the pure sodium and calcium rich bentonite and that is what you will find in most edible clays.

“Living Clay” has not been chemically treated in any way. The extent to which the clay mineral ions become active determines its classification as “living clay.” The formation of clay mineral spheres from hydrothermal activity, consistently hot temperatures and minimal rainfall, allows each particle of clay to create its own ionic field of energy, each particle becomes an ion…hence an abundance of negatively charged ions is referred to as Living clay.”  By Neva Jensen.

One gram of clay taken internally has the surface area of about 900 square yards. If our intestinal tract were to be laid out flat, it would have the surface area equivalent to a tennis court. Even a small amount of toxins over that entire area can add up fast. Bentonite clay uses a negative ionic charge to capture and absorb toxins. Since many of the toxins in our body are positively charged, toxins are attracted to and bonded to the clay, making it very effective.

Clay is harvested for various purposes including agricultural and architectural uses, as an ingredient in health and beauty products and for internal detoxification. The higher quality edible clay is harvest from deep within the clay deposit where it is purist and the particles are the smallest.

“A very important component of the “pulling power” of any clay is the PARTICLE SIZE. Most of the particle sizes of Red Desert® Clay are 2 to 3 microns in size. This microscopic size allows for a huge surface area of clay to pull out toxins. The smaller the clay particles, the larger the surface area…the greater the amount of toxins, bacteria, impurities etc. are pulled out of the body.” 

The Healing Powers of pure edible Earth Clay:

  • Best know for removing toxins, micotoxins, bacteria and heavy metals.
  • Extremely alkaline, with a ph ranging around 9.
  • Ability to absorb acids and neutralize the stomach, digestive system and the GI track.
  • Effective in treating dysentery and many types of poisoning, including arsenic.
  • Alleviates heartburn, nausea, vomiting, stomachaches, acid indigestion, acid reflux, and diarrhea.
  • Contains dozens of natural trace minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and silica. Clay can carry them deep into the body, where they are easily absorbed and utilized.
  • Supports the remineralization of bones and can aid in increasing cartilage between joints. Silica found in clay is essential for the growth of hair, nails and skin and is needed for flexible arteries.
  • Clay is soothing, cooling and has a powerful pulling action and can be used as a poultice for drawing out venom and for burn and wound healing. The clay must be kept damp to activate its detoxifying and healing properties.

Everyone’s medicine cabinet and first aid kit should include clay. An edible grade of clay is best as it can be used for everything from burns to food poisoning. Clay is handy to have whenever there is an acidic condition, an upset stomach, sunburn, or spider bite.

At Natural Vitality we use Living Clays for detoxification. When people are on our Cleansing program we support them in removing the toxins that cleansing is stirring up. Clay works wonders and eliminates the intensity of any “healing crisis” symptoms. It is especially supportive with removing “die off” from a detox of Candida overgrowth by taking away the burden of toxic effects on the body like headache, nausea, brain fog and exhaustion.

One of the main purposes in cleansing is to stir up the deeper imbedded toxins so they can come to the surface and be removed. Clay or a blend of Detox Powder should be taken before bedtime so it can go to work while your sleeping. It can be taken 1-3 times per day depending on the treatment for certain toxic conditions in the body. For overall maintenance clay be be taken 1 x day or at least 3 times a week to manage and prevent any toxic build up.

Edible clay can be taken 1-2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water. Use purified water and place it in a jar with a lid. Shake the jar to get the clay to merge with the water and drink it down. I actually enjoy the taste of clay by itself, it smells earthy and just feels right. Take 1-2 x a day, between meals or at bedtime. Clay can also be soaked in the water overnight and taken in morning.  Some people just drink the liquid off the top or stir it up and drink the whole thing.

When Cleansing use Detox Powder from Natural

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This is a powerful blend of clays and herbs to support intestinal cleansing and detoxification. Detox Powder by Natural Vitality includes: Slippery Elm bark, Psyllium Husk, Auravadic Triphala blend, Senna Leaf and a pure blend of Living clays from:

Tecopia Essentia Clay Mélange,

A blend of 3 Clays including:

Green Sodium Bentonite, Green Calcium Montmorillonite, Red Desert Calcium Bentonite.

  • Deep Green Sodium Bentonite – The classic American intestinal cleanser, used by experts such as V.E. Irons, Dr. Schulze, and Dr. Anderson. Our green bentonite is extremely clean and air-purified.
  • Green Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite – Desert calcium bentonite is one of the most celebrated clays in natural medicine. It is extremely clean volcanic-origin clay rich in active, ionic trace minerals. It is extremely alkaline, with university tested and time-proven antimicrobial properties.
  • Red Desert Calcium Bentonite Clay – One of the most studied clays in modern times, extremely clean and active “red” calcium bentonite is a clay that has been scientifically studied and determined that it delivers important trace minerals deep into the body, where they are actually bioavailable.

The Red Desert® Clay mine is located in the hot dry California southwest desert. The high heat and arid conditions keeps the clay particles in an “open ion state” creating stronger pulling power for removing toxins. It also allows for high alkalinity and smaller particle size.

* Note about medications: There are some medications such as Coumadin (the blood thinner) that clay recognizes as a toxin so it pulls it from the body. The goal would be to detox and get off of acidic medications. Clay can be used gradually in these cases.

To learn more about the Healing Power of Clay go to:

Our Earth, Our Cure by: Raymond Dextreit

The Healing Power of Clay by: Michel Abehsera. $12

The Clay Cure: Natural Healing from the Earth by: Ran Knishinsly. $10


How to make a Healing Clay Paste:

Clay can be made into a healing paste by blending 2 cups of water to 1 cup of clay. If the clay dries you can add more water and stir up again.

Adding Aloe Vera and anti-microbial herbs is a nice addition to the paste.

Store the paste in a glass jar with a secure lid. Do not use a metal container, as the clay will form rust.

Keep your jar out of direct sunlight, as it has been known to grow a form of blue/green algae in sunlight. Use a dark amber glass to help block the sunlight. It can be stored in the fridge but it is stable in most temperatures and conditions makes it perfect for traveling.


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